For questions or to enroll in any of these groups please contact our Faith Formation Director, Gwen Hornbeck -

  • Religious Education >

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    Our mission is to educate our youth in Church doctrine creating a deep rooted faith that will remain strong throughout their lives. Classes meet after Sunday Mass from 9:45 to 10:45 September through May and include 4 year olds to 8th grade where they move on to Confirmation. We are constantly working to improve our program and make it interesting and pertinent to youth. Currently we are in the process of assembling a media center and library that will be available to all classes and students for individual study. We have a dedicated and well trained teaching staff that offers preparation for First Penance and First Communion, as well as instruction on the Mass and the concepts of our Catholic Church. New students are welcome at any time.

  • Confirmation >

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    Our mission is to prepare teenagers to become full active members of our Parish and to instill in them a strong lifelong faith. This is a two year program which includes community service as well as classes and retreats. We strive to help our young people expand their faith through community and prepare them for life in the world. Contact: Sammy Diamond

    Contact: Parish Office - stjoesoxford@syrdio.orgt
  • Sacrament of Baptism >

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    Through this Sacrament it is our mission to open the door of Faith for all the unbaptized and welcome them into our Faith Community. This Sacramental program prepares parents, families and God parents of babies and children for Baptism into the Catholic Faith. We also include a program to welcome adults not previously baptized.

    Contact: Parish Office -
  • RICA >

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    Our mission is to provide adults with a deep understanding of the Catholic Faith and prepare them to become active members of the Catholic Church and our Faith Community. This program provides adults the necessary preparation for the Sacraments of Baptism, First Communion and Confirmation as needed to prepare them for full membership in our Church. Inquiries are always welcome.

  • Sacrament of Marriage >

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    This Sacrament is handled by a priest please contact the Parish Office.

    Contact: Parish Office -

If you would like to be more actively involved with our parish family, we welcome you to join one of our fine parish organizations. CONTACT US >


Arrangements must be made at least six months in advance.


By appointment.


Call the Parish Office anytime. We are most happy to visit and bring the Sacrament to those unable to get out. Please notify the Parish Office when a parishioner is hospitalized.