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    The process of becoming Catholic is formally known as the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) or for children 7-17, Rite of Christian Initiation of Children (RCIC.) It is a gradual process of spiritual formation that includes prayer, sharing, and study and occurs in the context of the parish community. Take the first step and CALL: 843-7021 or Kathy Anderson, Director of RCIA 316-1717.

    Open for Prayer
    During regular office hours the front door of the church is open for prayer and adoration of Jesus present in the tabernacle. Come and adore Him.
    “My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations”. - Mark 11:17

    Choir Practice
    Choir practice will resume again on the first Friday in September.

    Coffee Hours
    July 21- after 8:45 mass- hosted by Judy and Nelson also it will be the reception for our 6 new Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion that
    will be commissioned that morning.
    August 18- after 8:45 mass- hosted by June B. and Marian R. with Nelson as the barista.
    September 15- after 8:45 mass- hosted by Nina and John T. with Nelson as the barista.

    Holy Family School, Now Enrolling!
    Holy Family School in Norwich is accepting enrollments for Pre-school through 8th grade. Holy Family School provides a challenging academic program based on strong Catholic principles and traditions. Free transportation is provided by the local school district. Catholic schooling may be the best investment you make for your child. Call: 607- 337-2207 or www.hfsnorwich.com for more information.

    Cell Numbers or Phone Number Changes
    If you have a cell phone or your phone number has changed, please contact the parish office to update your contact information: 843-7021. Thank you.

    Why I am Catholic, Summer Book Study
    lead by Deacon Tim McNerney and based on Brandon Vogt’s best selling book. It is the writing of a young man who gives reasons for becoming an actively engaged Catholic. For more information call: 607-967-4481 or email deacontim@saintjohnstagnes.org

    New Washer & Dryer

    We are having a new washer and dryer installed from S & S TV & Appliances in the office basement for parish use. If you would like to donate to help defray the cost of approximately $900 for the washer and dryer set, please write a note with your donation. Thank you.

    Holy Communion to the Homebound
    Do you have a family member who is not able to attend Mass and receive Holy Communion?
    St. Joseph's has Eucharistic Ministers that go to the homebound. They can read scripture, pray and distribute Holy Communion to your loved one. Please call Noel at the parish office at 843-7021 and he will arrange this for you.


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    Pam Menard, Jenny Knee, Trevor Comeau, Keith Price, Carolyn Marvin, Rossi family, Ann Marie Cunnane, Jacob S., Chris Turner & family, Harper Schultz, Kim S., Sue Menard, Thomas Grgurich, Arlene Bieliski, Bernadette McBride, Rachel Coaker & Arlene Cheselka



    Open or Close
    July 13- Sat. - 5:45 pm –Parents of Fr. Paul Machira by the McBride /Anderson family
    July 14- Sun. 8:45 am - Rosa Hohl by family

    July 20- Sat. - 5:45 pm –Joseph & Helena Motyka by the McBride /Anderson family
    July 21- Sun. 8:45 am - Rose D’Orazio by Julie Winner

    Sanctuary Candles -July 14
    Sanctuary candle for Brian & Allison Slater (wedding anniversary) by mother

    Sanctuary Candles -July 20
    Sanctuary candle for Brian & Allison Slater (wedding anniversary) by mother
    Sanctuary candle to Saint Joseph in memory of Joseph Rotundo (father) by Julie Winner

    If the Mass is scheduled for your family member and you would like to take up the gifts, please let the ushers know before Mass. Thank you.

  • Liturgical Ministry Schedule >

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    Liturgical Ministry Schedule

    Saturday, July 13, 5:45 pm
    Lector: Gwen Hornbeck
    Ushers: Isaac Fahey & Matt Franklin
    Altar Servers: Mathew Roach & Jerry Horbeck

    Sunday, July 14, 8:45 am
    Lector: John Franco
    Ushers: Gene Strobel & Richard Marks
    Altar Servers: John & Margaret Rovente
    Eucharistic Ministers: Katie Turner, Cathy Rood &
    John Todaro

    Altar Care for July 14 (Green)
    Sammy Diamond & Lorry Rice

    Collection Counters for July 14
    Sandy Beckwith & John Franco

    Saturday, July 20, 5:45 pm
    Lector: Matt Franklin
    Ushers: Marcus Whitney
    Altar Servers: Sal Danielson

    Sunday, July 21, 8:45 am
    Lector: Ann Marie Markovich
    Ushers: William Kelsey & Nick Cirello
    Altar Servers: Ava Benjamin & Madison Long
    Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion:
    Gene & Sheila Strobel, Richard Gregg

    Altar Care for July 21 (Green)
    Sandy Beckwith & Joan Kulina

    Collection Counters for July 21
    Marian Rosengren & Marie Hofmann

  • Upcoming Events at the Parish >

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    July 13 – Meeting of all Eucharistic Ministers after 5:45 pm Mass

    July 21-Commisioning of new Eucharistic Ministers at Mass

    July 21- Coffee hour hosted by Nelson and Judy

    August 15- Assumption, Healing Mass at 12:10 P.M.

    July 24- Parish Council meeting at 6:00 P.M.

    August 18- Coffee hour hosted by Marian and June

    September 15- Coffee hour after 8:45 mass- hosted by Nina and John T.

Ministry Schedules:

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